Operation pullover is a continued success. As a proof you see some photos. To all of you our warm, sincere thanks!


A number of boys and girls with their new pullovers in Palanpur, Lohridol, Wadrafnager. Laughing faces, except for the children who know that in India you never laugh on a photograph.



And should you ever have the opportunity, don’t forget to visit these children, radiant because they received a new pullover. This is more efficient than all the world’s anti depression medication!

Sister Julie continues her crusade to give women in the villages a voice and a feeling of self dignity. This education takes place in the form of an initiation in the system of micro credits.  The results are amazing.


Sister Julie on a training session for women in a village.


A young girl who will definitely sooner or later become a teacher.



Two years ago, when I arrived here, these women hid their faces behind a veil, they were inclined to avoid all form of contact. Today they dare to fend for themselves, they have discovered ‘speech’ and are prepared to defend their rights. Sister Julie has taught them to stick up for themselves. You can read her report here.

We have once again, via the qualified Belgian ministries, obtained a fiscal deduction for a period of six years. We are therefore most grateful to our treasurer Eric and the entire team.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not regularly receive news of your godchild. The people responsible in the missions are expected to give you twice per year a short letter and once every two years you should receive a photo of your godchild.

May we again ask you to mention in your monthly contribution of € 12 the structured code. As a reminder: BE76 3101 1455 7995 (BIC BBRUBEBB). Special gifts, for a birthday or for Christmas etc., will this year be put into the ‘boat fund’.